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By Month

Message from the Superintendent

  • Beginning in late April of 2018, the Grand Canyon Unified School District began soliciting input for a 2018-2021 strategic plan. We pulled in as much community input as we could get during the month of May, collecting more than 700 comments from students, parents, faculty and the community.

    That strategic plan, the key elements of which are shared below was approved on by the Grand Canyon School Board on December 5, 2018.

    With this approved strategic plan as a guide, we will begin implementing specific programs to start moving us in the direction of this plan.  As always, we encourage your comments, questions and suggestions.

    Thank you,

    Shonny Bria, PhD

    Superintendent, Grand Canyon Unified School District #4

Mission Statement

  • A mission statement describes why we exists. It is intended to be inspirational. It is kept reasonably short so it can be committed to memory, with the intention that it remains a constant reminder of why we do what we do.


    We educate our students to be compassionate, principled citizens, while developing multiple pathways for a lifetime of success


Vision Statement

  • The vision statement is intended as an inspirational, high level description of what success looks like. This is quantified in specific strategic goals, which we will publish shortly:

    We are preparing students for post high school success

    In a safe, civil, healthy and intellectually stimulating learning environment

    Where communications among all stakeholders are current, clear and transparent

    And the school is the center of community life for the Grand Canyon residents


  • Values establish boundary conditions which constrain the pursuit of our goals.  For example, as we pursue exellence in student learning, we agree to do so while maintaining positive language.  We have adopted the following values for the Grand Canyon School District:

    Growth Mindset

    • We value the persistent pursuit of accomplishment by individuals and the community as a whole
    • We encourage curiosity and creativity, and we value the growth of the whole person
    • We challenge each other and seek opportunities to be challenged in order to grow as a learning community

    Positive Language

    • We transform blocking language into opportunity language, for example: 
      • From: "But" to "Yes and..."
      • From: "High Stakes" to "Standard, difficult etc."
      • From: "We've never done it that way..." to "Tell me more..."
      • From: "It's the Grand Canyon Way..." to "How does this fit with our strategic plan
      • From: "You always..." to "I observe/hear/feel..."

    Mutual Respect

    • We show respect for our peers, teachers, parents, and other adults
    • We respect other people’s physical and intellectual property
    • We respect individual privacy and maintain confidentiality
    • We only use names in social media with permission
    • We respect personal space
    • We respect the right of each individual to limit engagement to that which is emotionally safe
    • We pay attention to, and make allowances for internal weather


    • We follow the community rules
    • We honor community and group agreements
    • We complete our individual commitments
    • We hold our peers accountable to rules and group agreements
    • We acknowledge that privileges are a form of Accountability, which must be earned, and can be lost.

    Attentive Listening

    • We acknowledge the person speaking with full attention
    • We hold comments until appropriate
    • We exercise reflective listening and  paraphrasing
    • We acknowledge the feelings behind the words
    • We exercise appropriate use of technology


    • We challenge everyone to NOT use put-downs
    • We encourage statements of appreciation
    • We recognize and embrace our differences, for example gender, race, religion and ethnicity
    • We welcome new members through formal newcomer ceremonies and rituals

    A Memory mnemonic for this might be GPM-A3 (GPM A-three)

Key Strategies

  • We deliver on our strategic goals by applying the following key strategies

    • Provide current, standards based, culturally relevant, 21st century curriculum and delivery
    • Recruit, Develop and Retain High Quality Employees
    • Improve Communications internally and externally between leadership, staff, parents and the community
    • Provide an emotionally safe, multi-cultural learning environment
    • Provide clean, safe well maintained facilities and school grounds
    • Utilize valid, verifiable date to drive instruction