CTE - Film-TV Production

In conjunction with our local hospitality and other business leaders, Grand Canyon School is committed to providing CTE (Career and Technical Education) opportunities to our students. We currently offer two programs - Culinary Arts and Film/TV Production.

In our Film/TV program, students have the ability to participate in production projects. For example, we create stop motion animated videos, study the artistic styles of famous directors such as Alfred Hitchcock, video special events such as our graduation ceremonies and band concerts, and we assist with the live web feed of our Phantom home basketball games. 

Additionally, we helped produce food preparation demo videos to be viewed at our local Grand Canyon Food Pantry. We worked closely with the local Coconino County Health and Human Services department to create these videos.  

For your convenience, we have attached the Film-TV Production class syllabus to this webpage.
In addition to the AZ-CTE directed curriculum and hands-on learning, students actively participate in work based learning opportunities hosted by our local industry professionals. Guidance is also provided by our guidance and career counselor for any student interested in pursuing a possible career in Film/TV Production.
As part of our program, GCS is an affiliate member of the AZ-CTE approved CTSO organization, SkillsUSA. This organization provides leadership, competition, and scholarship opportunities to all of our SkillsUSA members.
filming food demonstration
filming food demonstration
Stop motion animation